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The Holocaust Documentary Educational

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The Holocaust Survivors Testimonies & Archival Footage

"The Absence - La Ausencia," is a resource for Holocaust Education. It is a film in Spanish with
Engish subtitles. The Absence encompasses the story of the Holocaust with historical narration,
survivor testimony, archival footage, reenactments and artistical scenes with a message of peace to humankind.
The film versions are designed for specific audiences.

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Middle school

 View the 35 min. Film

 Edition by:
Dr. Miriam K. Kassenoff

(Holocaust Specialist)

 Historical Additions & Revisions by:
Dr. Michael Berenbaum
(Holocaust Scholar) 

High school

 View the 60 min. Film

Historical Additions & Revisions by:
Dr. Michael Berenbaum
(Holocaust Scholar)

Colleges, Museums, Centers & NGO's

View the 150 min Film Part 1 

View the 150 min Film Part 2  

Courses, Scholars

View the 240 min Film Part 1

View the 240 min Film Part 2


Study Guide

Mac - English

PC - English


Revised By Gloria Heitner - Teacher

Historical Additions & Revisions by:

Dr. Michael Berenbaum
(Holocaust Scholar) 

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Distributed by the United Nations  to 80 Countries for Holocaust Education

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Distributed to Teachers Institutes:
Holocaust Museum Documentation & Education Center, Dania, Florida
by Director Rositta Kenisberg
The Teachers Institute University of Miami
by Director Dr. Miriam K. Kassenoff


.Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO) 
shared the film online to their Members and Affliates worldwide

Winner of the Global Wake-Up Award from the UNA-USA Greater Chicago Chapter, 2011

2011 Awarded Best International Documentary Feature Film by the United Nations Association

About Us

 "The Absence - La Ausencia" Holocaust documentary film is a vital educational research tool
for teachers and students in middle school, high school, college, as well as institutions.
This non-profit film has different versions that are all available for classrooms and auditoriums at no cost.

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“The Absence : La Ausencia, is a fantastic film. The testimonies are brief, to the point, each being unique, and very concise, completely informative and impactful to the viewer. Perfect in length so that it fits into class periods. This will be seen by many future generations.” 
- Craig R. Weiner – President - Holocaust Learning and Education Fund, Inc.


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